There are a variety of factors to take into consideration when it comes to the running of data centers. There are a myriad of factors that can affect business performance and productivity, such as the physical infrastructure, software abstraction, hardware optimization, and many more.

One way to simplify the process is to use virtualization of data centers. Virtualization allows IT administrators to configure and provision IT resources at will which would not be possible without technology. This automation does not just speed up processes it also ensures that policies are applied consistently and that the correct configurations are employed.

Virtualization is a technique that blends servers storage devices, servers, and networking equipment to create an environment with multiple IT functions running on one computer. This allows you to optimize the use of servers and reduce hardware costs. The ability to dynamically allocate resources improves capacity because it prevents underutilized capacity.

Another benefit of virtualization is the ease the ability to deploy new IT services and applications. The process of deploying a new virtual machine is a matter of minutes in contrast to the hours or days required to find and set up hardware. This flexibility allows businesses the ability to quickly adjust to market trends and gain competitive edge.

However, IT administrators should keep in mind that having a virtualized data center does not come without its risks. If IT departments are too inexperienced about spinning up VMs which could lead to VM overgrowth. The excessive use of resources and hardware can lead to performance degradation, increased costs and more attack areas.

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